Cuscatlán Street #218, between 79 & 81 Ave. Sur. Colonia Escalón, San Salvador. 
The Corporate Practice: Experience
The firm has advised for more than twenty years local and international clients to acomplish legal establishment and functioning of their companies devoted to fill a need in the market. The Corporate legal practice focuses on the legal component of planning and strategy, and strives to reflect the vision and strategic goals of the clients to legalize companies, its regulations, corporate structures, financing, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR), shareholder agreements and tax profile structure, plans and transactional due diligences. The team includes experts who support clients in adjusting their business models efficiently and in compliance with the laws and their tax obligations. The firm also serves a broad customer base in the field of insurance, banking, reinsurance, securities, generation and distribution of clean energy and agricultural business, agency, distribution and representation, as well as implementing the company's free trade agreements like CAFTA with the United States, asocios publicos and private partnership agreement between Central America and the European Union.
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