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Dr Francisco Jose Barrientos
Francisco Barrientos Degrees and Masters
FRANCISCO JOSÉ BARRIENTOS Graduated in 1971 as Doctor in Jurisprudence and Social Sciences from the Faculty of law in the University of El Salvador, and accredited as lawyer and Public Notary in the same year; Obtained M.C.L (Master of Civil Law degree) from Tulane University's Faculty of Law, in New Orleans in 1973; Assisted Harvard Law School's P.I.L. program in 1976.
Francisco Barrientos Legal and Notarial acomplished experience.
  • During 18 years functioned as Legal Manager for Banco Cuscatlán S.A. now Citibank; where he innovated in the field and introduced Trust Funds and Fiduciary Services in El Salvador. He also served as a member of the bank?s Board of Trustees. 
  • Founding member of Dr. José Matías Delgado University and served for 11 years as Dean of Economics and the School Of Business Management, as well as teacher in the Faculty of Economics and General Secretary of the university.
  • Since 1986 he is a member of El Salvador?s council in the Inter-American Bar Association (FIA - IABA);
  • Founding member of the Arbitration Committee of the Arbitrage and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador.
  • Member of "The World Jurist Association" based in Washington, D.C., served as National President for Chapter El Salvador since 1976.
  • Served as General Secretary of the UN-FMLN-GOVMNT Ad-Hoc Commission formed after the Peace Agrement in 1992, to investigate the Armed Forces of El Salvador.
  • Former President of the Center of Jurisprudence Studies, National Association for El Salvador for Inter-American Federation of Lawyers / FIA / IABA- 2002-2004.
  • In the 1980?s he handled legal aspects for the introduction of automated bank tellers (ATMs) in El Salvador.
  • Founding Member of the Salvadorian Notary Association in January/2004 and actual President of the board of Directors since 2007. An affiliate organization of the International Union of Latin Notaries: UINL, based in Rome, Italy
  • Founding Member and Previous Director of the Salvadoran Association of Intellectual Property, (ASPI).
  • Member of the Interamerican Association of Industrial Property (ASIPI) based in Bogotá, Colombia since July 1996.
  • Currently serves as president of the board of directors of FJB S.A. de C.V./Bufete Barrientos law firm, affiliated with International Global Law?s legal network, with emphasis on International Commercial Law, Integration and Free Commerce Treaty Law, Brands, Patents, Banking, Stock Exchange Law, Insurance and Re-insurance, Arbitration/Mediation, Internet, Digital Commerce Law and Notary.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of CEDEVAL,  since March 2008.
  • Former Alternate Director for the Private Sector of the Central Bank of El Salvador: BCR.
  • Member of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution?s International Arbiters Panel (ICDR); member of the American Arbitration Association?s International Division, ?the tripe A?, since December 2003.
  • Participated as a local lawyer for international banks promoting and subscribing El Salvador?s first emission of Euro Bonds in 2001; provided legal report about limits of the republic?s sovereign immunity and its heeding to International Arbitrage and applicable Foreign Legislation. 
  • Member of AMCHAM, American Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador, participating in its legal committee.
  • Member of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador.
  • President of the Organizing Committee of the XLII Conference FIA / IABA held in San Salvador, El Salvador between 19 to 23 June/2006 
  • Honorary General Consul in El Salvador of the Kingdom of Norway.
  • Condecorated by the Kingdom of Norway as Knight of the Order of Honor. November/02. Prior authorization of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of more than 20 companies of GRUPO EL ANGEL, companies related to agriculture services and production of Sugar Cane and electricity.
  • Winner of the "Best Client Service Award 2010" from Chambers and Partners when when he was local partner of Aguilar Castillo Love.
  • Participation in the Conference 51o. Interamerican Bar Association, FIA - IABA, held on Lima Perú, celebrated from June 30rd until July 4th, 2015.
  • Founding Member of Corporate Governance Institute of El Salvador. March/2012.
  • Member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Interamerican Bar Foundation, acting as Tresury Director, appointed on July/2015.
  • Named for three years in a row, Senior Stateman by Chambers and Partners, a Legal Research Guide, for his extensive carreer and work with major clients. 
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